Top Important WordPress Plugins Free Download

The biggest problem of a WordPress blogger is which plugin should be used in a WordPress blog. See, when we install new WordPress to create our WordPress blog, then many plugins are installed in it by default.

You also get the suggestion to install many plugins. If we talk about YouTube, then different YouTubers have told us about different plugins. In such a situation, new bloggers become very confused about which WordPress plugins they should install.

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Many bloggers install a lot of plugins in their WordPress, due to which their website becomes very slow. To be successful in WordPress blogging and to create a very professional blog, you definitely need plugins.

That’s why today I am going to tell you about Top Most Useful WordPress Plugins if you will install only this many plugins. Even then you will create a successful WordPress blog of yours and will be able to earn very well from that blog.

Top WordPress Blog Plugins

Which plugin to use in WordPress Blog? Top WordPress Blog Plugins These are those plugins that you can use in your WordPress blog to make a very profitable WordPress blog.

W3 Total Cache


To increase the speed of the blog website, we use different types of cache plugins, but in my opinion, the best free plugin of Cache plugin is W3 Total Cache.

Although there are many plugins, some are paid, and some are free but I would suggest you use the w3 total cache plugin. Using this plugin, your website speed will become very good.

The configuration of the W3 Total cache is a bit difficult for new bloggers, but with the help of our guide, you can easily install and configure it correctly.

Akismet Anti-Spam


With the help of the Akismet Spam Protection plugin, you can keep an eye on all the malicious content coming to your blog and website. People put a lot of spammy content and links on your website through comments and contact forms.

This plugin automatically filters all those comments to malicious content and spammy links. If you want to keep your blog free from malicious links, spammy comments, and misleading links, then you install this plugin.

You can learn how to install, download and activate the Akismet spam protection plugin from the given video.

Contact Form 7


We are compulsory to create some pages in the blog such as Contact us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and About Us If you need a Plugin to create a Contact us Page, then you can help with Contact Form 7 plugin. And using this you can create your Contact Us page.

Rank Math SEO


To optimize WordPress Blog for Search Engine, you definitely need some SEO Plugins, now two of them are the most famous and used SEO Plugins.

  • Yoast
  • Rankmath

Both these plugins are very good but I will suggest you use Rankmath Plugins because you also get many Advance Features in these Plugins.



Smush Plugin is used for Images, we all upload a lot of images to our blog, if you do not upload your images in the right way, then your blog website can be completely ruined by this.

That’s why you need to pay attention to image SEO. One task in Image SEO is to make the image lightweight, which means compressing the image size.

By installing the Smush plugin, all the images on your website are automatically compressed very well.

Compressing mages increases the speed of your website and the SEO of your blog also improves.

Broken Link Checker


Broken Link Checker Plugin checks all the internal and external plugins of your website and blog and tells you whatever links are broken.

Also, check all your Blog Posts, Pages, and Comments on all links and helps you in fixing your bad backlinks, which improves the SEO of your website and also the user experience.

We all do not have enough time to find broken links by auditing the entire blog again and again. That’s why it is very beneficial to keep the broken link checker in your plugin list.

OneSignal Push Notifications


This is a type of software that helps you to make the traffic coming to your blog your regular audience. When a user comes to your blog, then a pop-up comes in front of him which he subscribes to.

By subscribing, whenever you publish any new article in your blog, its notification goes to your user. And your user can come to read your blog by clicking on that notification.

With this, traffic increases in your blog, pageviews increase and you can earn more money than blogging.

Google web stories


Google web stories have rocked these days, if you also want to create web stories then you have to install the web stories plugin. With the help of these web stories, you can easily create web stories from your WordPress blog itself.

There are many benefits of creating web stories like the discover option will come in your search console, you will get a lot of organic traffic and you can also earn money by monetizing the traffic of web stories.

Updraftplus – Backup / Restore


Our blog and website are hosted on some or the other online server web hosting, in such a situation there is always a door in our mind, never anything happens to the website.

That is why it is very important to have a backup of your website and blog. If you do not have much technical knowledge then you can use updraft plugins.

This plugin takes a backup of the entire blog website in just one click.

Google Site Kit


Google Site Kit is the official plugin of WordPress which is given by Google itself, with the help of this plugin you can use all the services of Google in one place like

  • Google AdSense
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Speed
  • Google Tag-manager

This plugin makes all your work very easy, if you want to get Google AdSense Approval for your blog, then just connect AdSense to Google Sitekit, you do not need to use code anywhere.

Similarly, you can check the Records and data of the Search Console, Analytics, and Site Speed ​​on your WordPress Dashboard itself.

Insert Headers and Footers


In WordPress Blogs, many times you have to paste a lot of code such as the code of Google AdSense, the code of Analytics, or anything else, so again and again you do not need to go to the Coding section (Theme File Editor) of your WordPress Blog.

If you are not very technical, then with the help of the Insert Headers and Footers plugin, you can easily paste all the code in the footer under your head tag <head> and wherever you want in the body. This plugin is very easy, it will be very easy for you to do code place.

Wordfence Security


We make WordPress blogs very hard, so we have to take care of their security too. Like we keep a lock on our house, lockers, and valuable things.

Similarly, do not let anyone steal our blog, and do not damage it, to avoid such online threats, you have to secure your blog.

Wordfence security plugin is the best plugin for WordPress security, install it, it protects you from invalid login activities, bots, and spam.

Easy Table of Contents


Mostly you must have seen that there is an Easy Table of Contents in all professional blogs, which makes it very easy for the user to understand any blog post, and a format of the entire blog article is prepared in front of the user.

It is very easy to read and understand, and your user’s experience improves, which means a lot in the world of blogging.

Ad Inserter


To earn from our WordPress Blog, we run commercial ads in it such as Ads of Google AdSense, Ezoic Ads, and Ads of any Ads Network.

In order to place these ads properly in the whole blog, we have to enter the code, now we do not paste the code all over the blog by ourselves.

That’s why you can take the help of the Ad Inserter Plugin, with this plugin you can place ads wherever you want in your entire blog.

You get at least 16 Blocks in Ad Inserter, you can set where you want to see Ads by placing the code there. This plugin makes your work very easy, due to which your earnings are also good.

In this article, we told you Top Important WordPress Plugins Free Download but if you still have a problem then you can tell me comment box below. I hope that you must have liked this information, if you liked it and you think it is helpful, then do share this post on social media.

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