How to Remove Post Date Showing in Search Results

How to Remove Post Date From Google Search Engines If You Are Looking For Some Such Information Then This Post Is For You.

In the blogging field, such articles written 5 years ago are always useful, which means they are not old, but people are always looking for updated information, in such a situation. If this indexed date shows that this article is old, then readers will find it. Ignore and get attracted to the latest updated information, meaning that they visit the recently written information.

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In such a situation, there is a slight fluctuation in the ranking of the old site. This is because the post indexing date is showing in SERP, so why should it be ignored, with a little information, it can be hidden or removed from the search result so that the indexed date with the post is not visible in the search engine.

Meaning that users will visit even those whose article is old because at this time they are getting the information they want, the date is not showing here, so they can visit any site, it is not necessary that it is old or new.

If these features are in the theme, then there are many such themes in which it is already hidden, but talk about the same thing about WordPress’s most popular free theme Generatepress, so there is no such feature in it to remove the indexed date.

But if you want, you can remove it, although it requires extra coding, but don’t worry, I will tell you how to hide it from the post-indexed date search results.

How to remove post-indexed dates from search results?

There is no need to do much to remove or hide indexed data, just follow the procedure mentioned below, here many methods have been told, then use the one which you find genuine.


Method -1 Remove Post indexing date Using Php

Step. 1 Copy the code

As I already told coding will be required to remove or hide post-indexed dates from search results so I am giving you the code copy the code given below

add_filter( 'generate_post_date_output', function( $output, $time_string ) {
    return '';
}, 10 , 2);

Step. 2 Add in Theme Function.php or Code Snippet plugin

The code you have copied has to be put in the theme, for this in the Function.php file, open Appearance > theme editor > function.php and paste the last copied code in the file. If you are having trouble editing the theme, then you can use the Code Snippet plugin.

add code using the Code Snippet plugin

After activating the Code Snippet plugin Install, you will get the icon or option of Snippet on the side, click on it, then add new and the box will open, there is no change to be done here, just paste the code copied from above in the box.

Now in a few days, all your posts that are indexed in the search engine and the date was showing in them earlier, the date will be removed from them.

Method -2 Remove post indexing date Using CSS

If using the method mentioned above, use means CSS. Paste it in the WordPress dashboard Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS box and publish it.

.search-results .entry-date {
display: none;

Apart from all this, indexing data can also be removed from search results through the plugin, which requires a plugin named wp meta and date remover, this plugin is freemium so its free features are enough to remove indexing date. Just install it and activate it and click on Save Changes, no need to edit anything in it.

By the way, there is no more harm than keeping the date, although it should be removed because it is very harmful to a blog.

In today’s post, we have learned how to hide or remove the indexed post in the search result, hope you will be able to take advantage of this information given by us if this post really benefits you.

So take out a little time and give your valuable feedback, as well as if you feel that this information and people should also have it, then definitely share it on social sites.

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