How to Fix 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress

Today in this post we are talking about a very important topic and that is about 503 Service Unavailable Error if your website is on WordPress if such an error keeps coming then there can be many reasons for this.

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I am telling you about all those reasons and their solutions below so that you can get off the 503 service error and keep traffic on your site because many times it happens due to 503 error that visitors do not like to visit such website. In order to maintain the value of the site, it is better to eliminate the 503 error forever.

When and why does the 503 Service Unavailable error?

503 Service Unavailable Error comes due to 3 reasons

Plugins issue

You must know that there are many such plugins available on WordPress, which have excessive coding, which is not able to load the Php Code properly and a 503 error starts coming in the site.

Theme Coding issue

There are many such WordPress themes available on the internet, in which coding is more than necessary, it is that the new blogger is not aware of coding and they start editing the coding so that some extra code gets added. Or some code gets deleted and then a 503 error starts appearing on the site.

Hosting Issue

Yes, yes minimum new bloggers buy hosting from any company at the beginning of blogging but their plan is the same, that is Shared Hosting. 

All hosting provider company plans are of many types and all of them have some limitations, if we talk about shared hosting, then this is the starting plan in which everything remains to the limit.

Suppose you are currently running your website on the shared plan of WordPress but daily traffic is more than 5 thousand then surely 503 errors will come, then 503 errors also come due to Ram full.

How to Fix 503 Service Unavailable Error

Most of the 503 issue comes due to plugin, first of all, you have to uninstall all the plugins (Note: you deactivate the plugin one by one and open the website and keep watching. which Means deactivate a plugin and open the site and see)

If there is a plugin issue, it will be known as soon as you deactivate the plugin, so that you can permanently delete that plugin from your WordPress directory.

How to Deactivate Plugins

WordPress admin bar will be open or else you will have to resort to Hosting CPanel

  1. Login to Cpanel
  2. After that open File Manager
  3. Rename Wp-content >> Plugins and save the Plugins Folder with Plugins. deactivate, in this way all the plugins will be deactivated simultaneously


If the problem is not solved even by deactivating the plugin, then you first go to the Wp-content/theme/ folder to back up your theme and download the theme that is activated on WordPress.

After that delete the Wp-Content/theme/folder Activate the theme, after opening the site, see if the 503 issues are fixed, then go back to the admin bar and make a backup of the theme.

  1. Connect Hosting provider: If the problem is not solved even with the theme, then you still have 2 ways – 1. Connect Hosting provider
  2. Re-install WordPress For this, take a full backup of WordPress from Cpanel

My suggestion is that even after adopting all the methods, if the problem is not solved, then talk to your hosting provider, if there is any issue with hosting then they will fix it.

Use a plugin that is always updated, if you are using a plugin that has not been updated for many years, then deactivate it immediately, apart from this, if you do not know about coding, then avoid coding or somewhere else. Before adding the given code to the theme, try it somewhere else.

Finally, even after doing everything, if the 503 issues is not solved or it comes again after some time, then upgrade your hosting plan because a shared plan or any plan only offers limitations.

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