How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress

502 Bad Gateway Error is showing on your WordPress website. If yes then you do not need to panic because you can fix it yourself.

Just you should know how you can fix it, which we will tell you in this article. Showing 502 bad gateway errors in WordPress is a bit annoying.

This is because this error can be shown to us due to many different reasons. This means that you first have to find out why this error is appearing on your WordPress after all.

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Which takes a lot of time, but don’t be afraid because in this article we will tell you how you can easily fix 502 bad gateway errors in WordPress.

Before we tell you how to fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress. Before that, we should know what is this 502 Bad Gateway error and for what reason it shows to you.

What is 502 Bad Gateway Error

A 502 bad gateway error is triggered when your WordPress hosting server returns an invalid response for the requested page.

This bad gateway error is one of the most common WordPress errors to be shown on the WordPress site. The biggest problem is that this error can be shown due to many reasons.

Even depending on the server of your site, this error message may be shown to you in a different way.

When you open your website in your browser, your browser sends a request to your hosting server.

After that, your hosting server finds the page for which you have requested from the browser.

When that page is found on the hosting server, the hosting server shows that page on your browser with the status code.

Usually, we cannot see these status codes, although this status code is shown to you with an error message.

For example, sometimes we have some such errors displayed on the website, such as 404 not found, 503 services unavailable, 403 forbidden error, etc.

In most cases, the 502 bad gateway error show is due to the server taking more time to respond after making the request.

The delay or delay in the response of the page requested by your server may be due to a temporary glitch that occurs due to high traffic.

Apart from this, this glitch can also happen due to bad coding of the WordPress theme and plugins you are using.

Also, this delay being done by this server can also be due to server misconfiguration. So now you know very well what is the 502 Bad Gateway Error and which reasons it shows to you.

How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress

As we told you above that usually this error shows up due to the server not finding the requested page and an invalid response.

This means that as long as we do not know where the problem is coming from. Till then we have to follow different types of troubleshooting steps so that we can find the problem.

Reload your website

As we told you above that sometimes your server delays in responding. Because a lot of traffic is present on your server at that time, that too when your server resource is already low.

If the error you are getting is showing because of the high traffic on the server. So you have nothing to fear because this problem automatically disappears in a few minutes.

That’s why you should not leave the requested page but simply reload it. If this problem is being shown due to the high traffic on the server, then the page requested by you will start showing you.

If only by reloading the page, the requested page starts showing in your browser. Then you do not need to read this article of ours at least, for now, you can leave it and go.

But, if you are getting this error continuously on your WordPress, then you should read our article completely. Because it may be that this error is showing due to some other reason and you have to first find that reason and then fix it.

Clear Your Browser Cache

Sometimes our browser also shows an error, Cache for the requested page. Even if you fix this issue, you still get a 502 error shows. Because your browser is loading your website from the cache.

It is very easy to fix this issue if you are a user using Windows or Linux operating systems. So you have to press Ctrl + F5 buttons from your keyboard and if you are a Mac OS user then you have to press CMD + Shift + R buttons for this.

By doing this your page on the browser will be refreshed, apart from this you should manually go to the settings of your browser and remove the cache.

Once you remove the cache by going to the settings of your browser, after that you should refresh your page back. It is expected that now your requested web page will start showing to you if the problem still remains the same.

Then you should continue reading this article of ours, as we have already told you that 502 Bad Gateway error shows up in WordPress due to many reasons.

Disable CDN or Firewall

If you use any CDN service or website firewall on your WordPress website. So it may be that the error that you are showing, again and again, is due to the servers of that CDN or website firewall.

That’s why it is important that you check it, for this, you have to temporarily disable your CDN.

As soon as you disable CDN, the additional layer between your browser and your hosting server gets removed.

Which is created by CDN services, after which your website will be fully loaded from your server. But only if the problem is happening due to CDN or firewall service.

To resolve this problem, you can contact your CDN service provider and get support from them. As soon as the issue related to your CDN or firewall is resolved, after that you can enable your CDN or firewall once again.

Update WordPress Themes and Plugins

If you are still getting 502 bad gateway errors showing on your WordPress. So now you should take the next step,

That is, you should check your WordPress themes and plugins. Because sometimes due to bad coding of themes and plugins, this error often shows.

So for this, first of all, you have to deactivate all WordPress plugins by going to your WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins.

After that, you have to go back to your website and check whether the error is still showing or not. If the error is not showing on your website then it means this.

Out of all your plugins, any WordPress plugin is responsible for showing this error.

Now you have to activate the installed plugins in your WordPress one by one. But keep in mind that whenever you activate a plugin, you have to check again by going to your website whether it has started showing an error or not.

So that you can know that the error starts showing again as soon as you activate which plugin.

When you come to know about that plugin, then you simply have to deactivate that plugin and delete it.

Instead, you can use an alternative plugin of that plugin or you can contact the author of that plugin and ask them for help.

So in this way you can fix the errors caused by plugins, even after deactivating all the plugins.

If you are showing an error on your website then you should check your WordPress theme. For this, you have to switch your WordPress theme to phpMyAdmin.

As soon as you switch your theme to the default WordPress theme. After that, you have to go back to your website and check whether it is working properly now. If you are still getting error shows then you continue the further process.

Check Hosting Server

Even after using all the methods mentioned above, if the problem is still the same then it can mean that. That this problem is related to the hosting server of your website, which is very important to fix.

All you have to do for this is to contact your hosting provider support team. Then they have to make them aware of the issue happening with your website.

Apart from this, you also have to tell them about all the steps you have taken to solve this issue so far.

After which your hosting provider support team will start solving your problem. Because almost all good WordPress hosting provider companies are fully capable of fixing such related issues.

If your hosting provider or hosting provider support team does not corporate with you and does not help you.

Then you need to change your hosting because there is no use in taking hosting from such hosting provider companies that do not help you.

Hopefully, by following all the above-mentioned steps, the 502 bad gateway error will be removed from your website.

In this article, we told you how you can gain back the traffic of your web stories but if you still have a problem then you can tell me comment box below. I hope that you must have liked this information, if you liked it and you think it is helpful, then do share this post on social media.

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