How to Delete Posts in Bulk in WordPress

Some WordPress users want to delete posts in bulk on their WordPress site, they say that we have a lot of posts on our WordPress site, and now they want to delete those posts in bulk because we have the ability to delete each post inside the site.

If there is no time, then we will tell WordPress users how to delete posts in bulk on the WordPress site. We will tell you in two ways how you can delete posts in bulk on a WordPress site, first through a WordPress plugin and second without using a plugin.

How to delete bulk posts through the plugin

  • First of all login to the WordPress dashboard
  • After login into the WordPress dashboard, you will see the Plugin option on the left side, you move the mouse cursor on the plugin and then click on the Add New option.
  • After clicking on the Add New option, a page will open in front of you where you will see the Search option, you have to search for a plugin in this search bar, its name is WP Bulk Delete, you have to download and install this plugin.
  • Through this plugin, you can delete posts/pages and other things in bulk on the WordPress site, then after installing this plugin, you have to open the setting of this plugin.
  • After opening the setting, you have to select the By Post type option and then the post will appear in front of you, if you want to delete the post, then tickmark its check box and click on Delete Posts given below.
  • As soon as you click on Delete Posts, all your published posts will be deleted.

How to delete a bulk posts without plugin

  • First of all, click on the All Posts option of WordPress.
  • After clicking on the All Posts option, all types of posts will come in front of you, publish and draft, which type of post do you want to delete, tickmark the check box with the title of publishing or draft.
  • All the posts will be selected in front of you as soon as you tick the check box with Title, then you have to click on Bulk actions in the drop-down list next to the title and click on Apply.
  • All your posts will be deleted as soon as you click on Apply

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