How to add Inline Read More Posts to WordPress

It is easy to add inline Read More through plugins, but do not panic, in this post, I am telling about adding inline Read More posts without plugins because there are many side effects of plugins, so bloggers want to use them rarely.

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But without a plugin, keep looking for a tutorial, let’s know how to add inline-Read More posts before that let us know what is inline Read More post and what are the benefits of adding it.

What is Inline Read More Post?

This is a Read More post, which can be placed anywhere inside the post, in simple words, inline-Read More interlinking is a great way, although bloggers do interlinking, the post they add is simply looking, whereas according to one figure, most Readers prefer a post that has a good design.

And to do this, an inline-Read More post is suitable, most bloggers do this because keeping the visitor on the blog for a long time is possible only by and only by interlinking which is called inline.

Advantages of inline Read More post

As I mentioned above, readers see in a post, most of the user needs to read something unique, in such a situation, if there is a link to another post in that post, then he clicks on it and stays on the site for some time, whereas if it does not. If yes, then he immediately leaves the site.

Disadvantages of inline Read More post

There are many disadvantages of leaving the site, out of which the user experience is first of all bad, then there is an increase in Bounce Rate, Site Ranking, etc there are many disadvantages.

How many ways can inline-Read More posts be added?

Inline-Read More posts can be added in many ways if you are a WordPress user like.

  1. Inline Read More posts by the plugin
  2. Using Custom hook / Function.php
  3. Gutenberg or using CSS

I have used almost method and I liked most of them more than Gutenburg or Css one because it does not require much coding nor it has side effects so here I am telling you this method.

add inline-Read More posts without a plugin 

If you want to add an inline-Read More post here through CSS code, then first add a small CSS to the site.

Step. 1 Add CSS to the site

  1. Log in to WordPress > Appearance > Click on Customize
  2. After the Customize section is open, click on Additional CSS
  3. The CSS box will open, and paste the copied CSS code from anywhere in it.
  4. Finally, publish by clicking on Publish.
  5. Remember CSS code me Class Read More because the further inline Read More post has to be added.
.readmore {
    font-weight: 900;
    box-shadow: 0 4px 15px rgba(0,0,0,.1);
    color: #000000;
    padding: 10px;
    background-color: #c5c2d7;
    border-left: .75rem solid #64589a;;
    font-size: 16px;

Step. 2 add inline Read More post

Now if you want to add a Read More post in WordPress post, then open any new or old post and do exactly as shown in the image, click on the Read More post insert the link, and enter the post link


Step. 3 Use Read More Class

Select Read More post block Select Block menu Click on Advanced Click on Additional CSS box Enter Read More class id


Look like this

As you can see in the photo below, in the same way you will be able to add Inline-Read More posts by following the method mentioned here.


In this way, you can add an inline Read More post in any theme of WordPress, if you have any questions, or complaints Read More to this post, then you can tell us, hope you liked our post, you think that this post is really useful for you. So please share it on social sites.

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