How to Add Code Box In Blogger Post

There must be a question in your mind that how to use Blog Add Code Box In Blogger Post. So today in this post we will know how to add a Code Box in Blogger Blog Post.

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By using Code Box in Blog Post, you can give a professional look to your blog post. I am going to answer these questions in this post today, let us know how to add Code Box to Blog.

Why Add Code Box?

If you are a blogger and you have written such a post in the blog in which there is a need to add HTML or CSS code, then you must have noticed that whenever you add code to the blog post, it looks like a normal post.

But you must have seen the code systematically stored in a separate box in the articles of many bloggers and you must have also thought that why this type of code box does not come in my post, then let me tell you how to add code like professional bloggers. For this, you have to add a Code Box to Blog Post. 

By applying code in the post without any code box, there is a problem in understanding the visitors who come to your site and read the codes. 

Google also gives copyright in such posts because of what you have written in the post and the code you have added to it, many other bloggers may have also used it in their post, so because of this Google can give copyright to your blog.

Therefore, adding Code Box to the post is a good way to protect your blog or content from copyright, so using Code Box does not harm your blog and does not affect its ranking.

How to Add Code Box in Blogger Post

On WordPress, you get the facility to add code through many Stylish Plugins. You do not get any kind of plugin on Blogger. But even in Blogger, you can add Code Box to your blog by using some HTML code, so let’s know how to add Code Box to Blog Post.

1. First of all copy the code is given below.

<textarea row="4" cols="50" style="background-color: #373737; border: 3px solid rgb(77, 72, 94); color: #1bb37c; height: 140px; width: 100%;"onClick=select() readonly>
Paste Your Code Here.

Put </textarea></form> after Paste Your Code Here in HTML and paste the code you want to add in place of Paste Your Code Here.

2. Now open the blog post in which you want to add Code Box and select HTML.


3. Now paste the code copied above where you want to put the code in the blog post.

4. Now paste the code you want to add instead of Paste Your Code Here.

Now select Compose back from HTML. Now you will see that a very nice and stylish Code Box has been added to your blog post. In the same way, you can easily add a Code Box to any new post on your blog or your old posts.

I hope Code Box has been added to your blog post. Now readers can easily read your blog post and at the same time, they will not have any problem in understanding and copying the code. 

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